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How do I? - EC/RC Registration

  • 1. Name of service:

    Enrollment Certificate (EC) Registration
  • 2. Who can avail it?

  • Every person or entity engaged in any Profession, Trade, Calling or Employment and falling under on or the other of the classes mentioned in column 2 of Schedule-I of the act shall be liable to pay the tax to the Designated Authority.
  • 3. Why it is important?

  • The registration is compulsory as per the Gujarat Panchayats, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations and State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments (amendment) Act, 2008.
  • 4. How to avail?

    1. Forms required: Form-3 for EC Registration & Form-1 for RC Registration (no form fee and downloadable from
    2. Documents required to be submitted
      1. Shops & Establishment Certificate
      2. Partnership Deed / Certification of Incorporation as per Companies Act 1956 / MoA
      3. Property Tax bill/receipt of the property where the business is carried out.
    3. Charges for EC Registration : Free of cost
    4. Where to submit the application? : Concern zone office where the business/operation is being carried out.
    5. When to submit the service request? : During the Public Service Hours mentioned above.
    6. Whom to submit the service request? : Profession Tax Recovery Department of concerned Zone.
  • 5. Time line for this service

    If proper documents are furnished Same day
    If proper documents are not furnished On the day when the proper documents are furnished.

Function of the department

Surat Municipal Corporation is the Designated Authority which levies and collects the tax from a person liable to pay Profession tax working within SMC jurisdiction.

The Professional Tax Department carries out the following functions:

  • Centralized Functions through Profession Tax Recovery Cell
    • Policy making pertaining to levy and collection of Tax on Profession.
    • Communication and liaising with State Government.
    • Refund of Professional Tax
  • Decentralized Functions through Zone Office
    • Registration of entities under EC and RC.
    • Collection of tax for both EC and RC certificate holders.

Services Offered

The following services are offered to the entities that are registered or required to get under the Gujarat Panchayats, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations and State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments (amendment) Act, 2008.

  1. EC/RC Registration and issuance of certificate
  2. Collection of periodical Tax dues
  3. Party Status for paid and outstanding tax
  4. Change in information such as Entity Name/Address/Partner/Director, etc.
  5. Cancellation of registration
  6. Refund/adjustment of Tax
  7. Application for exemption as per Act/Rules

Key Office Bearers with Contact Details

You may contact the following officers for information/service/complaint/feedback for matters related to Profession Tax.

Name of the Officer Designation Direct No. Address Phone No. Fax No.
N.G.Sheikh Profession Tax Officer 97243 45547 Room No.70, SMC Main Office, Muglisara. 2423750-56
(Ext. 354,366)
K.B.Naik Profession Tax Officer 97243 45548
R.J.Kayashth ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45546 West Zone Office
Tadwadi, Rander Road, Surat.
2786181-83; 2781439; 9724346025-26 2791690, 3062345
V.B.Desai ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45499 Central Zone Opp. SMC-HQ, Muglisara, Surat. 2420547; 3918901-02; 9724346019-20
J.J.Patel ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45506
S.N.Naik ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45487 North Zone Office, Municipal Shopping Centre, Gotalavadi, Surat 2535100 /2530518/ 2530563/ 3015280 & 97243 46011-13 2530564
B.L.Patel ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45490 East Zone Office
Nr. Saifee Society, Opp. Panchwati Wadi, Lambe Hanuman Road, Surat
2551363 / 2547750 / 2548365 / 9724346030 to 33 2543640, 3072345
B.B.More ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45507
A.G.Vidhvans ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45504 South Zone Office
Udhana Main Road, Opp. Satya Nagar, Udhan, Surat
2278429 / 2277043 / 2276145 2272147
B.I.Desai ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45505 South West Zone Office
Municipal Shopping Center, Near Aadarsh Nagar Society, Athwalines, Surat
2663049-50 / 2667926 9724346015-18
S.S.Khatib ARO & Profession Tax Officer 97243 45491 South East Zone Office
Bh. Vatika Township, Bh. Model Township, Dumbhal, Surat
9724346049-50-51-52, 2331903-04-05 2335455

Working days and hours

Working Days All days except 2nd and 4th Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
Working Hours
  • Office Hours: 10:30 am to 6:10 pm (2:30 pm to 3:00 pm recess)
  • Public Service Hours:
    • For front office work (payments, application, etc.) – 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    • For back office work - 10:30 am to 6:10 pm (2:30 pm to 3:00 pm recess)

Escalation matrix for issue related to Service Delivery

Level-1 Shops & Establishment Inspector & Profession Tax Inspector of concern zone
Level-2 ARO & Profession Tax Officer of concern zone
Level-3 Profession Tax Recovery Cell at SMC-HQ
Level-4 Deputy Commissioner (Deputation)
Level-5 Municipal Commissioner