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Registration & Renewal under Shops and Establishment Act.

Procedure (New)

  1. Application in prescribed form along with the required documents is to be submitted to the concerned office.
  2. Upon receipt of the application the concerned inspector scrutinise the application and the documents and approve the same.
  3. On payment of required fees, the shops and establishment registration certificate is issued immediately.

Documents to be submitted (New)

  1. Property Tax bill
  2. Sale and Purchase bills
  3. Ownership / Occupation proof
  4. Rent Agreement, if applicable
  5. Partnership Deed, if applicable
  6. Registration of co-operative institutes including resolution for President and Committee members, if applicable.
  7. Articles of Association and / or Memorandum of Association, if applicable
  8. Copy of Form No.32 in case of change in name of Director of the Company, if applicable.

Time Line for Processing of Application: Immediate

Facility for Online Payment:

Procedure (Renewal)

Online Renewal can be done using shops and establishment Registration No. Including online payment

Documents (Renewal):

Not Required

Time Line for Processing of Application: Immediate

Facility for Online Payment:

Following Officer shall carry out the inspection before issue of license

Sr. # Zone Name Name of Inspector Designation
1 West Zone Bhupendra K Lapsiwala Shops & Estt. Inpector
2 Central Zone Pravinbhai D Patel Chief Shops & Estt. Inpector
3 Central Zone Mohit A Shastri Shops & Estt. Inpector
4 Central Zone Mukeshchandra J Mehta Shops & Estt. Inpector
5 Central Zone Dipak S Panchal Shops & Estt. Inpector
6 Central Zone Jagdishkumar N Shah Shops & Estt. Inpector
7 Central Zone Rajesh Hiralal Shah Shops & Estt. Inpector
8 North Zone Rajeshkumar N Petigara Shops & Estt. Inpector
9 North Zone Samir H Vyas Shops & Estt. Inpector
10 East Zone Ashwin Bhagvandas Parmar Shops & Estt. Inpector
11 East Zone Hasmukhbhai M Gamit Shops & Estt. Inpector
12 South Zone Chhanabhai B Patel Shops & Estt. Inpector
13 South Zone Chandrakant A Patel Shops & Estt. Inpector
14 South West Zone Bhupendrakumar K Pawar Shops & Estt. Inpector
15 South West Zone Anantkumar L Sarang Shops & Estt. Inpector
16 South East Zone Arunkumar B Rathod Shops & Estt. Inpector
17 South East Zone Ketankumar N Kapadia Shops & Estt. Inpector